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To create the perfect canvas for your makeup, it is essential that skin is clean and well maintained to ensure that skin is radiant, even and smoothed.  However sometimes even your daily skincare routine cannot always guarantee flawless skin. 

To combat these occasions Sisley have a selection of products that you can apply to help even out skin tone, conceal imperfections and create an immaculate makeup base that lasts all day.

Complexion enhancers

To be used whenever the complexion appears dull, tired or lackluster, complexion highlighters can be used as a skin perfecting base, a highlighter to add luminosity or alone for a dewy even finish.

To achieve a fresh and rosy-looking complexion, apply Radiant Immediate Lift with Botanical extracts before your makeup. This complexion-enhancing skincare product instantly leaves skin looking luminous and smooth whilst maintaining makeup’s staying power

For a quick beauty fix, use Instant Perfect , a colorless makeup product that corrects and enhances.  You can apply it after daily skincare and before makeup, to prepare the skin and to give it a smooth, flawless finish. It can also be applied over your makeup to correct certain trouble spots like fine lines around the eyes, frown lines, crow’s feet, shiny areas, and enlarged pores.


Foundation is an essential makeup tool for correcting skin tone and complexion irregularities.

To ensure that the shade of foundation is perfect for your skin tone, apply one or two test dabs on the bottom of your cheek right along the jaw line and blend it down onto your neck, your perfect colour match will blend nicely between the two areas.  Avoid testing foundation directly on the neck itself, as it is generally lighter or darker than your face (it should blend in, but not exactly match), and never test for color on your hand!

Depending on the finish and the coverage you’re seeking, you may choose a foundation that is matte or luminous, fluid or creamy.  Sisley offers a full range of foundations to meet your different needs and desires.

The Phyto-Hydra Teint creates a sheer, natural-looking, even complexion.  It’s the ideal solution for women who do not like the feeling of wearing a foundation but seek some coverage and extra protection for the skin.

For a full-coverage, matte-finish look, use Phyto-Teint Expert .

Fluid, natural, and luminous, Phyto-Teint Eclat features a quick and easy application. It’s a foundation for all occasions.

For a powdery, full-coverage finish, use the pressed powder version, Phyto-Teint Eclat Compact .

Skinleÿa anti-aging foundation features a comprehensive skincare formula. Soft and silky, it creates a fresh, luminous, and smooth complexion.  For the most natural finish, apply it with the special brush that is provided.

To apply your foundation, dispense a small amount of the product on your finger (or on a brush specifically designed for foundation) and smooth it out over your forehead, nose, cheeks, the top of your cheekbones, and finally your chin and the outline of the face.  Then, blend the foundation in with your fingers or with a brush using a back and forth motion. 


The application of a blush or bronzing powder is great for contouring the face and highlighting certain areas. With a few easy makeup techniques, you can change the look of your face’s shape, highlight your assets, or correct imperfections.

When applying a blush or a bronzing powder, it is essential to take into consideration the specific aspects of your facial shape and the concept of playing with light.  Areas that naturally capture light are the tops of your forehead and cheekbones, your nose, and chin.  Shadowy areas of the face are the hollows of your cheeks, the dimple of your chin, the sides of your nose, and the lower part of your eyebrow line.  Depending on your facial structure, apply a shade of blush that is lighter or darker in order to accentuate or hide these different areas.

With their silky, fine textures and light-diffusing pigments, Sisley blushes allow you to achieve a fresh-faced look that is subtle and natural.  They create a bronzed glow and allow you to lightly contour the shape of your face.

For a light makeup look that is sheer and long-wearing, choose Phyto-Blush Eclat . With two contrasting shades in the same compact, this blush creates a customized makeup look that adapts to all skin types and looks—from the most natural to the most sophisticated.

For a light and natural sun-kissed look on your cheekbones, you can use a bronzing powder like Sisley’s Sun Glow Pressed Poweder (the pressed powder version of the bronzer).  Its imperceptible texture melts into your skin, giving it a velvety and tanned look.  The contrast of the two shades allows you to contour and highlight the shape of your face.

For a sheer, even look, choose the fine, non-greasy texture of Sun Glow Gel .  Apply it evenly to the entire face or just on specific areas that you wish to highlight.