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What if dreams do come true and life can indeed be a bed of roses? Our perspective in life can shape the way we think and live. While we are faced with tough choices in life, we are also able find beauty and joy in the most unexpected places. Simple moments like receiving an act of kindness or sharing a laugh with close friends can help us appreciate life and bring us happiness.

Imagine life being a bed of roses, what kind of roses would they be? In Sisley, they would definitely be the Black Baccara Roses, a symbol for true and eternal love. The Black Baccara Rose is a hybrid rose created in year 2000, by a famous Rose producer in the South of France. The Black Rose petals velvety extract provides emollience and softness to skin while its aqueous extract instantly adds radiance and smoothness to the skin texture. Sisley has since harnessed the skincare benefits of the Black Baccara Rose in the formulation of Black Rose Precious Face Oil, Black Rose Cream Mask and the latest addition, Black Rose Skin Infusion Cream.

After a long day at work, we feel tired and this can be reflected on our skin. While enjoying a moment of relaxion, indulging in a good read, movies or simply relaxing with friends and family, apply Sisley Black Rose Mask enriched with anti-aging active ingredients to smooth the appearance of tired features and re-energise the complexion.

Adding the Black Rose Precious Face Oil to your regime at night will help dry and/or mature skin become intensely nourished, revitalised and smoothed. Immerse yourself with the oil’s delectable scent while the satiny smooth dry oil instantly absorbs into the skin. Accompany with the Black Rose Skin Infusion Cream to restore skin elasticity, radiance and luminosity with a surprising texture that breaks up into mirco-droplets of water once contacted with the skin. It is comfortable like a balm and delicate and fresh as dew. The formula contains a trio of precious roses: the Black Baccara Rose, the May Rose produced in the famous countryside of Grasse in the South of France and the Alpine Rose naturally rich in anti-oxidants because of the extreme environmental conditions it is able to live in. This trio of rose extracts is the perfect bed of roses for your skin as they offer both a moment of pleasure and exceptional effectiveness.

Aside from using skincare infused with the extracts of the Black Baccara Rose, drinking Rose tea can also lift your spirits. Also known as rosebud tea, it is made with dehydrated or fresh rose petals to help you relax while boosting the skin’s immunity with a healthy dose of Vitamin C. The calming properties in the tea allow you to unwind and help with getting you a good night’s sleep. As a guilt-free indulgence, rose bud tea contains no caffeine and serves as a healthy alternative to coffee and regular tea.

Happiness is a choice that we make consciously, it is the start to a life of contentment filled with a bed of roses, not thorns. While we work towards this goal in life, you can be rest assured that you will always have a bed of ultra-sensorial Sisley Black designed to pamper and luxuriate your skin…and your senses!

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