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Floral Spray Mist


    The Floral Spray Mist soothes and relaxes immediately. In the morning, it gently invigorates the skin. It is also ideal to refresh and revitalize the skin throughout the day. On the beach, it is perfect to moisturize the skin and refresh it in seconds. In the evening, it helps remove the last traces of make-up.


    Each application tones the epidermis and instantly soothes and freshens the skin. Makeup stays in place longer.

    Usage tips

    Spray the Floral Spray Mist from a distance of 6-8 inches away from the skin and allow to dry. The Floral Spray Mist may also be used for setting makeup by spraying the Mist from a distance of 12-14 inches from the face once you have finished applying your makeup.

    Key ingredients

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