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Eau de Sisley n˚3

Seductive and addictive. An intriguing and enchanting composition.

A fresh, spicy and oriental composition.

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Eau de Sisley n˚3


    A playful and effervescent Eau de Toilette for women. Surprisingly addictive, Eau de Sisley 3 sparkles with the seduction of a low-cut dress. Teasing and aloof, Eau de Sisley 3 is unexpectedly whimsical. Its strong tonic combination emerges from a subtle succession of fresh notes: essence of bergamot, essence of mandarin, the bitterness of grapefruit, and the acidity of lemon. Its exotic and sensual heart combines red ginger with the soft delight of chinese osmanthus and hints of peach and apricot. A feminine spirit, it leaves a delicious scent in the wake of its wearer, sculpted by the strength of patchouli and vetiver, the smoothness of benzoin and vanilla and the softness of musk. Eau de Sisley Perfumes: 3 creative takes on the freshness of chypre, perfect for every occasion or mood, each revealing another facet of this classic scent.

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