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Eau de Campagne Bath Oil

Soothing and softening Eau de Campagne.

A body care formula imparting unrivaled feelings of comfort and well-being.

Size : 4.2 oz
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Eau de Campagne Bath Oil


    This Bath Oil, fragranced with the notes of Eau de Campagne, contains botanical extracts St. John's Wort, Calendula and Hawthorn. With soothing and softening properties it pleasantly fragrances the body, smoothes and softens the skin, helps ease tension and promote relaxation. Provides a relaxing, soothing bath experience. Can also be applied directly to damp or dry skin for a softening effect.

    Usage tips

    In the bath, pour two capfuls into the water for a delicate fragrance and relaxing experience. You can also apply directly to damp or dry skin. Rub vigorously onto skin for a softening and stimulating action.

    Olfactory notes

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