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The Instant Beautifiers

This month, THE INSTANT BEAUTIFIERS - a curated collection of products that provide results without the wait. Get the instant gratification of more beautiful skin with just one application. The best part? The benefits continue with long-term use too! Beauty in the blink of an eye…

Serein lives full time in LA, with her husband and two dogs (A morkie named Dolly, and a long haired chihuahua, named Cooper)

“For most of my early 20’s, I was depressed, angry, and could not get out of bed. There was a period of therapy and lots of self-help books, but there was a piece of the puzzle that was missing. I was dressing to be depressed, baggy sweats, no makeup, and most days I didn’t even brush my hair. If there wasn’t a meeting I had to be presentable for, I stayed in bed.

Fashion and beauty always brought joy to my life. Growing up I lived for my magazine subscriptions! Shopping with my mom was one of my favorite ways to spend my time. Stumbling across tumblr and the YouTube beauty community one day, I realized I had given up. I was robbing myself of the joys of simple things that I loved and could do for myself every day. This is when I started to dress myself happy.

Beauty comes from within and we all have struggles, but we are all beautiful in our own way. Sometimes we just need to fake it till we make it. This does not mean we shouldn’t do the work internally, just that, while we process the work and heal ourselves, we can fake it on the outside till it all comes together.

My blog originated in a time of need, and it has since evolved through the years. I started a YouTube channel, shared my personal life on my second channel through vlogging, became active on snapchat and instagram and recently launched a podcast called "Behind the Beauty."

My goal is to help people feel and look their best, so they can go out there and conquer whatever life has to throw at them. I want to inspire, motivate, and help people escape whatever troubles they may have. I owe a huge debt of gratitude to so many bloggers and vloggers for where I am today as a human being.”



This 3-in-1 multi-tasking, micellar water removes make-up from the face and eyes, cleanses, and tones skin with just a few wipes across the complexion.

Usage Tips

Wipe a cotton pad soaked in product across face to remove make-up and cleanse skin. Safe for use of eye make-up removal. No need to rinse.



Its powerful anti-aging formula combats visible signs of both genetic and behavioral aging. After just a few applications, fine lines look smoother and skin is durably moisturized. After 4 weeks, wrinkles appear reduced; the face recovers the firmness and radiance of more youthful skin.

Usage Tips

Apply morning and evening to the face and neck.



In an instant, the complexion is lifted, smoothed and hydrated for perfectly primed, make-up ready skin. With long-term use, skin density and tone are improved and signs of fatigue appear faded.

Usage Tips

Apply over daily skin care as a base for make-up, as a touch-up over make-up throughout the day and in the evening for an instant beauty boost.



Immediately creates a luminous, even complexion that stays perfect for 8 hours with advanced skincare ingredients that work long-term to create the appearance of firmer, more plump, radiant skin.

Usage Tips

Apply with fingertips or a foundation brush, by patting lightly over the whole face. Smooth with circular strokes starting from the middle of the face and moving outwards.



The new Izia fragrance is a modern, feminine, floral scent inspired by a unique rose personally grown by Sisley’s owners, the d’Ornano family.This intoxicating Rose accord blends with bright lemon, amber and musks for scent to be enjoyed by all.

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Mrs. G. M.

I love your products

Mrs. L. B.

Just ordered the new Izia fragrance -- very excited. The sample in the new T&C magazine was heavenly. It was also the first fragrance I've smelled in ages that I had to have. Thank you for developing this wonderfully poignant floral that has no powdery or sticky sweet undertone.

Ms. L. H.

I buy Sisley from many beauty places, but now I'm sticking with just so I can keep my Platinum membership for the monthly subscription. Love the idea, love the Platinum benefits. I get to try new products and can use the travel sizes for traveling. Sisley-Paris rocks in quality and serivce!!

Ms. V. P.

Wow! This is a great idea. I have to admit I still LOVE receiving surprise gifts in the mail, and the Evening Ritual sample package from Sisley met all my expectations! I love that each month follows a theme too! So excited to try this out and looking forward to next month's package! Thank you; I love Sisley products!

Ms. M. C.

My skin was really dry after I moved to S. Cal. two years ago. Sisley has helped to improved my dryness and I became a big fan of all Sisley's hydration product line.

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