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Summer in the USA: Hawaii


With swaying palm trees, gorgeous beaches and unmatched ocean views, the sun-drenched state of Hawaii is the very definition of paradise. Whether you spend your day sipping a cocktail in a hammock or hiking a volcano, Hawaii is the vacation spot to embrace your natural beauty and take in the sunshine, safely.

If it rains in Hawaii, it doesn’t last very long, leaving most of the day with the bright sun shining.
Before you head outside for the day (and throughout the day) apply an appropriate SPF such as Sunleÿa SPF 15 or 50 Age Minimizing sun care. With Sunleÿa’s broad spectrum formulas, your skin gets the benefit of anti-free radical and hydrating ingredients along with the sun protection.
For total protection and skin nourishment on a beach vacation, the right treatments post-sun exposure can make a big difference in the health of your skin. Sunleÿa Age Minimizing After Sun Care (for the face) and After Sun Care (for the body) restore moisture to the skin, deliver ingredients to aid in the repairing process and soothe skin leaving it refreshed and ready for another day in paradise.

An evening make-up look in Hawaii should reflect the destination’s natural, beachy ambiance. Perfect the complexion with a subtle highlighter/bronzer such as l’Orchidee Rose to create a light, fresh-faced look. Eau de Sisley #1 will complement your beauty look with its sparkling floral fragrance, featuring a lively mix of green mandarin, grapefruit and pink berries, interspersed with a hint of spice.

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