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GIVEAWAY: Everything is coming up roses

Why do you love the Black Rose Collection?

First came the Black Rose Cream Mask, its instant results and amazing sensorial
experience made it a must-have in all beauty lover's vanities!

Next came the Black Rose Precious Face Oil, a silky, satiny dry oil with preparative,
nourishing, and anti-aging properties.

In 2017, the Black Rose Affair continues...

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The first 1000 people to respond will receive an exclusive preview sample
of the NEW Black Rose Infusion Cream

Giveaway ends on July 1st 2017.

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M. C.

I am 65 and it makes me feel beautiful.

J. N.

The Black Rose products are amazing and luxurious, the are really light, silky & luxurious, melts into the skin leaving it feeling soft and supple. They are instantly moisturizing, plumping and imparts a youthful glow. I love The Black Rose!

2923 C. W.

I've been a devout Sisley user for the past year and there is a distinct difference in my skin. My hair guy tells me my skin glows. He's an esthetician as well, and he has convinced his mother to change to Sisley products. I love telling people my age now (63) because I certainly do not look it thanks to my ladies at Bloomingdale's.

B. W.

I used a sample of the Black Rose Cream in the evenings before going to bed. My face
was was brighter and younger looking in the morning. Most visible lines were gone. It makes
my face feel nourished and not greasy.

V. B.

I love the black rose products because they are great for my skin. I would love to try this moisturizer to replace the one I am currently using that is going to be discontinued.

R. H.

Incredible feeling of radiance and hydration. I could visibly see a difference the following day just by trying a sample. Excellent product!

h. s.

I love the black rose collection. it makes my skin soft, radiant, and firm!!

h. s.

I love the black rose collection since it is great for my skin. make it more firm and smooth

R. H.

Great product! I truly like it!

R. H.

I used a small amount from a sample my girlfriend received and I see the difference in my skin. It moisturizes and radiates my skin to give it a youthful glow. I'm very impressed. I have used other products but this truly feels different. Thank you!

2922 T. S.

To die for! My skin has never felt better. Worth every penny!

L. P.

I LOVE the black rose mask and would be thrilled to try the infusion cream! Your products are awesome.

A. D.

I received a sample of the Black Rose Skin cream and it is just a lovely radiant emollient cream! Will definitely be purchasing a full size!

Emilie – Sisley Advisor

So happy to hear your enjoyed the cream!

2923 J. B.

I love the black rose oil. Sisley is the best!

L. S.

I absolutely love the Black Rose Oil! I have been using it for months now mornings and at night under my day and night creams. It leaves my skin silky soft and very hydrated!! I see a big difference since using the oil. My skin is more luminous and glowing!! I also love the Black Rose Mask! It is so very smoothing and hydrating! It also gives my skin a beautiful glow!! I am looking forward the trying the Black Rose Infusion Cream!!

2922 G. C.

I love the black rose cream mask. The scent is amazing, and my skin feels baby soft after using. On a side note, I just purchased the primer and oh my! It's game changing!

L. G.

Love the smell and it provides excellent hydration.

A. N.

Love the black rose mask, leaves my skin so soft and hydrated, looking forward to trying the cream!

S. S.

Smells wonderful. Plumps the skin. Evens the tone. Fills with moisture. I got the cream and it has an amazing feeling. It makes my skin look and feel so healthy! Everyone should try it!

L. F.

I've always been a roses lady. The idea of them keeping me beautiful fills me with such joy! And Sisley-paris black rose line is made just for me!

k. i.

I love the enchanting smell and how smooth it makes my skin feel

2922 E. D.

I have been using your Black Rose mask and it works really well with my sensitive skin. It leaves my skin calm, hydrated and less reactive. I often get asked what I do to my skin that it looks so bright and clear. I will surely try your Black Rose Infusion Cream!

2922 C. M.

Because rose has a high vitamin C content and is one of the best ingredient for hydrating AND antiaging. Not to mention the black rose oil and mask feels lovely. They are my favorites for dry winters.

2922 R. Z.

This is a must have in my daily ritual. I have tried many products and by far the best and most luxurious! I love companies that don't skimp on ingredients and are truthful!!

B. T.

I love this black rose collection. There is nothing on the market like it. I am almost 70 years old and I get compliments daily on my skin due to my adherence to Sisley and the use of Black Rose products. Thanks!

A. P.

I have been using the Black Rose Oil and Black Rose Mask for over a year now My skin glows! My friends say I look younger. What more can I ask for. I love it!!!

2922 L. A.

My skin is silky smooth with black rose. A dose of black rose is good for a healthy skin

2922 O. V.

This collection is wonderfull. It makes my skin looks so much younger.

2922 B. F.

Every Item in the black rose collection although similar in some ways all do very different things and once you try the mask and fall in love with it for it's skin plumping and revitalizing effect as mask you just have to go on to trying the black rose precious facial oil which is a full packed punch of awsome regenerating properties in such a beautiful bottle. And now the Baume a la rose skin Infusion cream, well working all three in to your skin are routine I can only imagine how gorgeous everyone's skin results can be!!

2922 B. F.

The black rose mask makes my skin feel regenerates and baby soft while the black rose precious face oil honestly feels like a facial treatment when I put it on at night and wake up in the morning my skin looks so different than if I would have put anything else on. I love roses and got really into essential rose oils and how well they heal skin a long time ago and have been so happy that since the mask now there are three items in the black rose collection!!!!

2922 S. S.

Love the black rose mask! Makes my face feel amazing. Just ordered the infusion crime and can't wait to try it! Thanks for making such quality skincare products!

2922 S. K.

I recently tried the black rose face oil and all I can say is WOW! It doesn't feel greasy on the skin and gives your face a beautiful glow but with a smooth finish. It has a light scent but not overwhelming and dissipates after a while. What I especially loved is how soft and smooth my skin felt afterwards. Just one use of this stuff made a huge difference. This is truly magic!

N. B.

The Black rose mask is my go to sleep in mask at night. I adore it! The highest quality ingredients produce the finest
product as in all Sisley products.
I am looking forward to trying the new cream.

Neva Bisset

C. S.

I have tried the black rose mask and the oil and love them because they are hydrating enough for my skin and especially during the cold Chicago winter months. They keep my skin glowing and fresh. It is also non irritating and makes you pores look small. Would love to try the new cream!! Thanks

2923 E. S.

The black rose cream mask has been a staple in my skincare regimen for about a year and I can't say enough good things about it. The mask is so nourishing that my skin feels soft and pampered every week. In the summers I increase to twice a week to combat the effects of being outside so much. It is definitely one of my favorite Sisley products!

S. G.

The Black Rose products go on so easily and my skin drinks it up, is more radiant and no longer ruddy with a dull pallor . I have older, very dry and sensitive skin, so my options are limited. I tried Sisley earlier this year and have been amazed at the results. People actually ask what I have been doing. That my skin looks visibly younger. I have been trying the black rose oil with various facial moisturizers from my subscription and the eye contour cream and my skin very, very, happy. I also highly suggest signing up for the subscription. Since the products are so very expensive, this lets you try them and then you only have to figure out how to incorporate them as a necessity.

2923 c. y.

I can't begin to tell you how happy I am that Black Rose added an infusion cream to the produce line.
Using the Black Rose infusion oil and the mask makes my sensitive felel wonderful. No more stinging. Now with the cream I have 3 excellent products in the Black Rose line that makes my skin feel so soft.
I don't believe in using 8-10 facial products, with Sisley products, specifically, the Black Rose Line, I'm able to have great skin with 3 wonderful skin products.
Thank you.
Carol M Yates
Leonard MI
Keep offering quality products.

d. b.

I get a ton of samples through beauty boxes, and while I try a lot of them, I'm rarely that impressed. My introduction to Sisley's Black Rose collection was through one of these samples a few years ago, and I have to say, that was a memorable event! I've tried a zillion products since then, and the Overnight Face Mask was so amazing, I've never forgotten the effect it had (or how much I love it to this day.)

This creme had the most amazing scent I've ever experienced, but that was the least of it. It plumped my skin up so much I was in shock! The day after using it, I got so many compliments on my skin, you'd have thought I had a facial procedure done.

That creme started me on the Black Rose collection. I love the oil and moisturizer, but the Overnight Mask has stolen my heart. I still use it, and although I've tried other products, nothing compares to the original.

Sisley is a great brand, and I'm just grateful I got hooked onto such an incredible product that really, really works.

J. J.

I love every Sisley product I have tried, but the Rose collection products worked miracles on my face. I can't wait to try the Skin Infusion Cream. Keep up the great work Sisley! Thankyou!

2922 M. B.

Love this collection especially after a long flight. Nothing works better to bring your skin back from the affect of dry air...a life saver

a. j.


Emilie – Sisley Advisor

Hi Ann. We are so please to hear you received your Black Rose Skin Infusion Creams and are enjoying them! Looking forward to hearing your feedback on this new cream.

2922 M. L.

Love this product. I am a convert!

2922 C. C.

I love the Black Rose Collection! Makes my skin feel so soft and hydrated. Can't wait to try the new infusion cream! Love Sisley Paris!!

2923 T. S.

I just tried this product line for the first time and love it! I bought the tinted moisturizer and now I want try more!

2923 K. H.

I am so in love with the Black Rose collection. The mask and the face oil are outstanding and truly bring a youthful radiance to the skin. I can't wait to try the new Black Rose Skin Infusion Cream, especially for its cream-to-water texture!

2923 R. Y.

Love this collection!

2923 R. Y.

Sisley Paris Black Rose collection is wonderful!

2922 A. H.

Sisley black rose collection is wonderful, very lux.

R. R.

Sisley Paris Black Rose collection always works for me.

2923 C. S.

I am using oil(using as a Serum) and I was always wishing for a black rose cream since sisleya is a little bit thick for me. Can't wait to try! If it could be use on my 11yrs old daughter's skin(she has terrible eczema. Using ecological and works wonderful) it is definitely on my list!

C. C.

i love how lux the black rose collection is.

2922 C. C.

The black rose collection is just so luxe! ❤️ It

2924 J. J.

I love how hydrating the black rose line is.

2922 A. K.

I love the organic, fresh sent of roses. This product makes me feel every time I put it on my skin like I am in a garden sea of roses on my face. I love it!

2922 A. K.

I love the organic, fresh sent of the roses. It makes me feel I am wearing tosses in my skin every day. I simply love it!

2922 D. S.

I love that it's for both Day and night!

J. L.

I absolutely adore the black rose mask, It leaves my skin so hydrated and plump looking. Cannot wait to try to new cream and also will try the oil!!

R. T.

Love to get close to my wife and find out how awesome she smells.

2923 T. M.

I had a sample of the oil and it was awesome! I could see a good difference with just 1 use! It made my pores smaller! one use!

2923 M. G.

I love sysley ....... I am 42 and the first time that I tried was when I was 27 and until now the products are amazing.....

A. C.

Sisley makes incredible products and cannot wait to try to Black Rose Infusion!

2923 H. J.

I love the aromatic scent of the Black Rose Mask. I've been using it as a night-time mask. In the morning my skin feels luxurious, fresh and hydrated. I just purchased the brand new Black Rose Infusion cream. I can't wait til it arrives tomorrow.

2923 Y. R.

Desde mi infancia he estado conectada con los productos de SISLEY,mi Madre siempre los usa y ahora compruebo que todos incluyendo la colección de BLACK ROSE COLLECTION son espectaculares dejan mi piel radiante ,humectada y evitan el envejecimiento .SIEMPRE LAS RECOMIENDO

2922 R. C.

I love the Black Rose Collection Serum!

2922 C. D.

I'm in LOVE with all things Sisley Black Rose. I'm 21 years old so I am taking care of my skin now so it'll thank me later! The black rose conditions my skin and gives it hydration, calms it, and makes it smoother than my skin has ever been. PLUS it smells delicious so I want to put it on all the time! My skin has never been more hydrated, smooth and moisturized! Black Rose makes me feel beautiful!

2922 K. R.

I really need something hydrating to lock in my anti-aging serums and I just know this Black Rose Infusion Cream would do the trick. But as a skincare junkie, I could become addicted and want to try the whole Black Rose line!!!

2923 A. S.

I love anything rose, it's regenerating and renewing for the skin and the scent is so pleasant

2922 G. S.

I love the instant & long term results of both the Black Rose mask and the oil. Both essential to my beauty routine to help melt away the stress and rehydrate my skin. Cannot do without either one ~

2923 S. M.

I am using regulary Sisley product for oily skin (with tropical reisen) and now I would like to try Black rose line.

2924 A. W.

I'm addicted to the black rose products... ever since I tried the black rose mask. It really is perfect with dealing with the strains of high stress New York life style. I'm going to go to the lab in ny and get a facial someday... I've tried lots of products but Sisley black rose is my number one love ....

2923 L. L.

I love the black rose mask because it seriously hydrates my face and neck when I'm dehydrated. I'm a lover of salt and I always stay up too late so this mask helps in a huge way. Love love!

2922 A. K.

The nutrients and softness is unsurpassed. I've tried so many products to help my dry skin. No matter the season or weather, it consistently revives my skin. The face oil and moisturizer are staples in my routine.

M. C.

The scent is wonderful and cannot wait to try your new Black Rose Cream.

2922 M. P.

The feel and scent of the rose oil are incomparable. My skin has never been better.

M. C.

The first time I used the precious face oil overnight, I woke up with such smooth, radiant, and soft skin that I was tempted to walk out the door just like that. The smell is also extremely calming and therapeutic.

2922 S. M.

I received a sample and have been anxiously awaiting the entire line! This is hands-down the most luxurious face oil I've ever tried. It does not leave my oily skin greasy, only soft and supple. Love it!

2922 S. P.

I got the sample of black rose mask, I loved it. It nourished my skin. After mask, your face is totally hydrated and radiance plumb. I can't wait to try the new moisturizer. Awesome collection for anti aging and more radiance.

2923 S. S.

The Black Rose Oil makes my skin look smooth, glowy and hydradet with a slight smell of roses. I can only imagine how amazing the new Black Rose Skin Infusion Cream is. A cream that feels a rose pedal is slightly touching your face. Roses make every women complete with an exclusive feel to start your day.

2923 N. S.

Since my early 20s (I'm 38.5 years old now), I've been told that my skin looks flawless. Most people mistake it for a perfect foundation match (thank you mom and dad for the great genes!). I've always been highly diligent in taking good care of my skin on a daily basis since my early 20s. But that changed after a recent miscarriage. I was left heartbroken because it would have been our first child. As a result, my skincare regime took a back seat because of my emotions. One day, I got a sample of the Black Rose Cream Mask to pamper myself. That was the best decision that I made! I got hooked right away. It restored my skin and made me look refreshed and hydrated. It basically made up for all the lost time when I neglected my skin. I would highly recommend everyone to try this product range. I feel re-energized, beautiful and ready to look forward to happier endings! This is the effect you have on women, Sisley.

K. B.

The black rose mask is absolutely amazing! Sisley products by far have provided me with the best skin care solutions available! I started using them 3 months ago and my skin has never looked so good. I'm in my late 30's with combination skin with the occasional breakouts ( I believe hormonal as I've always used the best products ). Dermatologist products only dried out my skin and left red patches... Sisleys sage cleanser, grapefruit toner and now tropical resins line have been a lifesaver! My skin is soft, clear and glowing! I've really enjoyed their masks as well especially the black rose line!!! I've left the mask on over night and woke up to fresh beautiful skin! The products may be expensive but they are definitely worth it! I'm also using the eclat foundation, under eye concealer, contour eye cream and hydro global as well as tropical resin moisturizer (using tropical during the day to control oil). I plan to try out blushes next! Ps the eye shadow brown quad is also my new fave! Can't wait to see new products soon!!

G. W.

I use the Black Rose Precious Face Oil to keep my super dry skin smooth and supple.

M. E.

I received a sample of the Black Rose mask and I loved the way my skin looked. Much more radiant, so I bought some. Since I loved the mask I decided to buy the Black Rose oil as well. I'm very glad I did. My skin is dry and after a couple of weeks of using it my skin just looked better overall. I am now using less makeup as a result as I feel I can let my natural skin shine through. I feel like it's worth the price! I'm looking forward to using the new cream. Thanks for making such great products!

2923 K. E.

The black rose mask is wonderful and very hydrating. So glad to have found Sisley products and will continue to use in my regime

2922 S. H.

I have used the black rose cream mask and the oil too. So far, these products have been the most hydrating for my face. My skin has gotten very dry in the past year and I struggled a lot. The mask helped me a lot.

K. F.

I am a huge lover of your Black Rose Oil and Mask. Absolutely cannot wait to try your new Black Rose Cream! Betting it will be fabulous :)

J. F.

I have been obsessed with your Black Rose collection for years! It is truly worth every penny. So glad to be able to use quality skincare like yours. I really can't wait to see how the new cream will pair with the other two products. I'm guessing it will be amazing!

A. B.

I noticed my skin improved in a matter of a few days. My melasma lightened dramatically. I've used Chanel Le Blanc for many years, thinking my melasma was being controlled from not getting darker, but I was so glad my mother talked me into trying The Black Rose collection. Iam extremely happy I made the switch.

J. J.

I want to try the Black Rose Infusion Cream because I'm at that age where my skin is not what it used to be, and I want younger, more radiant skin. I want my skin to be plump again and not look so hollowed and dull and lack luster. I also want to win because I have not got to try any of your products, and this one looks so good, I'd love to try it before I buy it!

2924 M. F.

There is nothing quite like the Black Rose collection. So many face oils on the market and nothing that can outperform the effects of the Black Rose Oil, I cannot wait to see how it pairs with the new moisturizer!

J. Y.

My girlfriend loves the Black Rose collection for its scent and moisture rich cream to sooth the skin.

2922 A. H.

I can't wait to try the New Black Rose Infusion Cream! As a big fan of this beauty brand, I'm sure I will love it!!!!

2923 S. K.

I love the way it makes my skin feel, so soft, hydrated, and plump. The scent is magical.

M. K.

My face feels like it had a facelift after using the mask. I love the texture and the way it makes my skin plump up.

2922 J. S.

I love the subtle rose scent. The texture of the mask and oil is luxurious. And the results are magnificent.

L. J.

The scent is wonderful and it is healing for my skin,

A. L.

Simply the best additions to the skin care collection. Always there to de stress, plump, tone and boost moisture and softness in the skin.
Best of all, the collection bestows a halo of youth and luminosity to your complexion. A must have for any skin program.

A. G.

My skin appears smooth, dewy, and fresh after using Black Rose. And the scent is uplifting on a tough day!

J. X.

I love Black Rose Oil and Mask. It smells good and makes my skin so soft!

2924 E. L.

I use the black rose mask and oil religiously! The mask is a great quick moisturizing fix, and the oil is a wonderfully rich finish to my nightly moisturizing and anti-aging regimen! Both products are excellent quality!

2924 E. L.

I use the Black Rose mask and oil religiously. The mask is such a great quick fix moisturizing overnight treatment, and the oil is a wonderfully rich finish to my moisturizing regiment. The products are great quality!

J. D.

The Black Rose Collection is an absolute star product line that promotes ageless beauty! The mask is a personal favorite. It's exceptionally rich and creamy, not greasy. Perfect to leave on overnight. I like using it especially in the winter. It feels good on and when I wake up in the morning my skin is fresh, renewed and plump. The Oil is great too. It's good for getting that extra nourishment into my skincare ritual or when I feel like my typical moisturizer is going to be too heavy, or my favorite time to apply is when going out. It highlights my facial features and gives a soft glow to my skin.

Thank you, Sisley, for this special opportunity. I hope I will be one of the privileged few to receive a preview sample. I'm definitely a loyal customer to your brand.


J. W.

Thank you for including the Black Rose precious face oil in the beauty subscription this month. Smells amazing!

T. T.

This line gives immediate, deep hydration. I jumped at the chance to preorder the creme. You can always count on results from Sisley!

M. H.

The Black Rose collection is best used at night. I use the Black Rose Oil all over my neck and décolleté and then apply the Black Rose cream so that it's well massaged into the neck and décolleté bust area.

Living in the southern USA I feel proud as a 44 year old female to say there are no sagging, aging signs or sun spots. I don't look any different then when I was 24 years old. Sisley and the Black Rose collection works for me.

C. B.


2923 C. K.

I love the Black Rose Oil. Most oils don't sink in and leave your skin greasy. Just one or two drops covers my whole face and isn't greasy. My skins feels soft and dewy Love it.

2922 C. B.

Me encanta black rose, mi cutis se siente terso y se ve joven, no cambiaría esta crema nunca , la recomiendo

2922 C. B.

I love how the Black Rose collection makes my skin look so youthful and plump and radiant. I feel glowing the days I use the mask.

2922 C. B.

I love how the Black Rose collection makes my skin look so youthful and plump and radiant. I feel glowing the days I use the mask. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

2922 B. Q.

Loved this oil. I have drier skin but still am not a fan of oils. This absorbed so quickly and my skin felt wonderful. I also have sensitive skin and have never had a reaction to this product.

2924 R. J.

It actually works, genuine ingredients provide these products with the most effective results!

2923 K. H.

I love how the Black Rose collection makes my skin look so youthful and plump and radiant. I feel glowing the days I use the mask.

S. D.

I L-O-V-E the Black Rose Oil! It smells gorgeous!! I use it at night and sometimes in the morning and my skin feels so soft and is visibly smoother. I use the Black Rose Mask a couple of times a week when I have had a long day and my face could use a little extra TLC. I adore the Black Rose products and can't wait to try the Black Rose Infusion Cream.

2922 N. P.

I love the Black Rose oil; I used it all winter, & it absorbed instantly without sticky residue. Nothing to wipe off, as with previous facial oils I had purchased. Can't wait to try the cream, now that it's spring!

K. D.

I love the Black Rose Mask because it smells wonderful, while it firms and tightens. I leave it on all night twice a week.

The Black Rose is so smooth and silky. It's a perfect base for my serum. I just can't imagine using anything else.

The Black Rose Infusion Cream felt terrific in my facial last week. Can't wait to use it as my daily moisturizer.

A. R.

I love the black rose oil because it leaves my skin hydrated and soft and because after applying it I feel like all the products I use absorb much easier. The black rose mask is a must have for when my skin is feeling tired, so I always carry a sample with me.

X. C.

The mask is leave on one looks good and smells wonderful.

C. C.

The Black Rose Cream Mask is a top 5 beauty product for me! With my dry skin I've tried everything and this is one of the only products, in addition to the oil, that really leaves my skin feeling healthier after use. I apply the mask exclusively as an overnight treatment...I would never waste it by wiping it off!...and when I do my skin looks refreshed, plumper and feels soft but firm the next morning. I love using it on Friday nights to prep my skin for the weekend and on Sundays to recover from it. I really have high hopes for the new lotion coming out!

H. F.

I am in love the Black Rose cream mask and can't wait to try the new moisturizer!

I have extremely sensitive skin and the mask soothes it and leaves it's radiant and noticeably plumper after each application. It's smell is delightful and adds such a sense of joy with each application--reminding me of time with my grandmother who had lovely rose bushes. I am trying not to use this product every night since I am in so love with it and I am hoping that the new moisturizer in the line will be able to be incorporated into my regime so I don't go through another container of the mask so quickly :)

s. s.

The velvety texture leaves my skin feeling supple and moisturized without feel oily or like there is any residue at all.

Such a nice balance. love it!


R. S.

I really love the smell and the quality of the product

2922 R. C.

I love the #SisleyBlackRose!!!

2922 R. C.

I love the #SisleyBlackRose!!!

2922 P. M.

I love the Black Rose collection, leaves my face with a glow that is pretty hard to beat! Glow with the flow :)

R. B.

The black rose mask works wonders! I love the feel of the cream on my skin and can feel it working right away. My skin immediately looks brighter, less puffy and younger. The difference is incredible! I use it before date night or when I'm going out for work events. There is no other mask that is as good as Sisley's black rose!

2923 L. Z.

I would love to try the Black Rose collection, I've heard such good reviews!!!

2923 C. G.

About to be a new mama in a few weeks and my soon-to-be tired skin would adore the new black rose infusion creme! My Sisley products have saved my otherwise dull, dry, congested face during this pregnancy and I am excited to grow my collection :)

2922 R. C.

I would love to test this new product out, before I decide to purchase. I heard great things! Plus, I heard the Black Rose Collection smells awesome. Thank you, God Bless.

2922 C. F.

The Black Rose mask is one of my favorites. After my last pregnancy my skin went from oily to dry. Add that my age and my skin was just horrible. Black Rose Oil and Mask has saved my skin. Now it is plump and I don't have any dry patches. Can't wait to try the cream. Thank you Sisley!!!

2922 H. B.

Black Rose Mask is the golden ticket of skincare. You actually get what you pay for. It is always my go to treatment when my skin is a bit angry with me for bothering it too much , or if I just want to reset myself by feeling luxurious. Plumps me up, which at 46 is what I want. I tried a sample of the Black Rose Oil and it was another hit! Cannot wait to try this new product ..... Sisley gets it right, every time !

M. G.

I love the scent alone but am always amazed by how bouncy my skin is after I use any of the black rose products.

2923 K. C.

I love this collection!! My skin is left so dewy and supple! I sleep in the black rose mask once a week and my skin looks great!

M. J.

The Black Rose Collection is everything your skin needs! The scent! The packaging! The results! At first, I was hesitant to purchase my first Black Rose Cream Mask until I received a sample and quickly fell in love with the results. After applying the Black Rose Cream Mask, I forgot all about it until I looked in the mirror. The Black Rose Cream Mask illuminated my skin -- all of a sudden my skin became plump, smooth and beautiful! The scent of the Black Rose collection is remarkable -- light, delicate and delicious! Even when I apply The Black Rose Cream Mask at night, the next morning my skin glows and I know that I pampered my skin!
Do yourself a favor and trust Sisley-Paris with your skincare!
The Black Rose Precious Face Oil gives my skin the extra moisture I need, every day! The scent is glorious and leaves my skin looking like a youthful dream! No other face oil compares to The Black Rose Precious Face Oil!
Sisley-Paris is an amazing brand that never fails to deliver results with their products. Sisley-Paris is the only skincare brand I trust! Sisley uses only the finest ingredients and stands alone as an impressive family business!

M. L.

Black Rose looks so decadent, I'm sure I will love it as much as my other Sisley products.

2923 A. K.

Black rose has completely transformed my skin. It's radiant, fresh, and hydrated. I've recommened this line to all my friends!

2922 Y. H.

I love the Black Rose Collection. I experience results regardless of seasonal changes & make up. Sisley, thanks for the Black Rose Collection, it's a winning skin regimen!

2923 E. J.

It's absolutely perfect for my sensitive skin! I believe in the healing power of roses!!

2923 M. R.

It is smoothe and amazing hydration!

2922 D. H.

I am new to the black rose collection and would love to try it out for my aging skin.

2922 J. B.

Love the packaging and love the smell. But most importantly love the results!

2922 I. T.

I love the black rose collection the mask and the oil really good to hydrate my dry and sensitive skin my skin become supple and soft and radiance. I was traveling for 26 hours in the plane and I put the mask my skin is so hydrated black cream rose is superb ❤️

2923 M. V.

Black rose has left my skin so radiant and clear. Can't wait for new addition

2923 D. G.

My skin has changed due to the menopause and, and have had terrible difficulty in finding a product that suited me. It was suggested by one of your beauty representatives that this product may help and very kindly gave me a facial. The change in the texture of my skin was incredible and felt amazing. Totally moisturised, soft and smelt heavenly. You certainly have my highest recommendations, Black Rose Cream is superb.

S. K.

I love Sisley. Your products are amazing and I can't wait to try your black rose infusion cream.

C. C.

Black Rose instantly makes my face radiant and it smells absolutely divine. Love it!

2922 Z. G.

Love the rose mask !!!! Especially because my skin is always dry and gets dryer in the summer this rich cream is the only one that can hydrate my skin like a baby !!!! Love it and can't wait to try to the black rose cram !!!!

2923 G. C.

I love the black rose skincare because it's like a ritual for me! Every night I use the black rose oil and the nice scent makes me fall asleep in a romantic vintage feeling rest. Love everything about theblack rose line , thank you for creating this potions!

2923 A. V.

I would to try the black rose collection... I'm in my 40's and I think I look younger than my age and I would love to remain that way... definitely an investment ...

2923 N. G.

I would love to be able to try this cream. Heard such greats things. Thank you.

2923 N. G.

I would love to be able to try this cream. Heard such greats things. Thank you.

2922 V. H.

I love to mix the rose oil and rose mask for an ultra soft and hydrating feel before bed!

2923 S. V.

I love the Black Rose Cream Mask, I actually wear it all night and my skin feels silky smooth and fresh in the morning, by far my favorite skin care ritual and love the scent!

2922 L. J.

I love this line! My skin is so silky and supple. I have combo skin and the black rose creates an Evan balance of hydration for a perfect makeup application!!

S. W.

I love BR face oil. I only use it at night over my serums. I am glowing in the morning! xo

2922 A. E.

My favorite scent is rose, and I adore your black rose oil. It not only hydrates and tones my skin, but it smells heavenly!

2922 A. G.

I haven't tried any of the black rose skincare line yet, but I am so excited to do so! The black rose products show up in every major beauty magazine.

2922 D. H.

Love how the black rose mask makes my skin look and feel

2923 L. R.

Black Rose line smells devine! I also enjoy the anti-aging properties of this product. Luv!

2922 M. T.

I've been addicted to Sisley ever since I tried my first cream. The black rose oil is amazingly moisturizing. The smell is divine.

G. F.

I live and breathe for sisley! I tried my best friends black rose cream mask....GIRL!!! My skin never looked better in its life! IT WAS SOFT AS A BABY!! YES!! I am saving to buy my own tube and to do the beauty subscription, but I can not wait!

K. E.

The Black Rose Precious Face Oil is so silky!!! This satiny dry oil is super nourishing and very moisturizing for my ultra dry skin. Helps with my fine lines and wrinkles. Love this stuff, you really need to try it for yourself!

K. E.

The black rose oil is so soothing and smells refreshing amazing! Favorite part of my day!

K. E.

The black rose cream is my favorite part of my beauty routine! I love waking up in the morning and putting this luxurious smelling amazingness on my face and neck!

2922 K. D.

I love all the black rose products ! As an aesthetician I love using them on my clients! All have a great texture and smell. My favorite is the mask because it leaves my skin so hydrated

2922 G. F.

I would love to try this new product. I love you guys.

2923 G. K.

I love using the Black Rose Mask before an important event and pre flights. The mask provides a wonderful pick me up and makes my skin so bouncy and glows. My favorite cream mask out of the 30+ that I've tried

2924 L. N.

Amazing!! Love the black rose oil and the mask. My skin feels sooo amazing the next morning!!!

2923 J. Y.

The black rose mask smells amazing and feels incredible on my skin!

2922 T. N.

I love the hydration and how it leaves my skin feeling supple and rejuvenated!

2922 S. P.

I use the black rose mask and oil twice a week. Both are amazing products for anti aging and hydration but work better for dry winter season. Now I want more products with same effect for summer. Hope this 'new' addion has a light texture for warm days!

2923 D. J.

Literally signed up for the monthly box to get samples of Sisley! It's s littke too pricey for me but love love this oil!!!

2922 V. F.

The Black Rose Mask has taken my skin to new levels leaving it soft and glowing! The mask leaves my skin feeling fresh and plump! Can't wait to see what the cream will do!

2924 N. W.

I love the mask because it hydrates and firms my skin at the same time

2922 C. G.

I love the black rose face oil! Every single time I use it at night, I wake up with soft radiant skin!

2923 J. M.

I am usually not a Rose fan but Sisley knows how to do it right. The mask is hands down my favorite. The smell, the silkiness of the product and the results! As someone who is combonation/oily, this mask still does wonders for my skin. In every aspect as well! I work for Nordstrom and we just received the new black rose moisturizer and it is to die for! Light weight yet super hydrating and nourishing! And the fragrance..... I'm saving for my bottle now! So intoxicatingly beautiful. Perfection Sisley!

C. C.

It is amazing! I love what it does to my skin each time that I use it! Extra plump and firm.

2922 J. C.

The black rose mask is amazing. It leave my very dry skin hydrated. However, the oil clog my pores, and always lead to breakouts

2922 A. D.

The black Rose is essential to my beauty routine especially in the winter months. Keeps my skin hydrated and supple! I can't wait to try this cream!

D. P.

This is such a luxurious cream, and the scent is uplifting!

2922 A. R.

The Sisley Black Rose Oil and Black Rose Mask changed my skin. I recently started modeling, and due to my skin lacking that vibrancy that the Black Rose products give - my makeup artist would use extra highlighter on me and they would photoshop me to have brighter more radiant skin. I had recently read an article called 'Want Supermodel Skin,' that raved about Sisley's Black Rose Mask and I quickly bought that, alongside the Black Rose Oil. I noticed a difference in my skin immediately! My skin is tighter and brighter. My makeup artist asked what I was wearing and I was so proud to tell her it was my natural skin. She now uses the Black Rose Oil on all her clients. I am so greatful to Sisley for making my skin dreams a reality!

S. L.

The Black Rose collection has been a favourite item of my morning bright-up or evening dine-out. Love the way it soothe my skin and make me glow.

D. J.

I love the black rose collection because I need hydration and love the scent!

2923 M. J.

I love the instant results and the fragrance of the black rose.

2923 R. L.

My goal for 2017 was to finally after 18 years of wearing concealer, foundation, full Coverage powder to be able to go makeup-less! Finally, after all of these years, I am wearing just lips, eyes and hilighter. It only took 2 months for my skin to make a complete turn around. With the help of the gommage and eye contour mask, the mask and oil work
Wonders and I will never switch from Sisley. It's the most result I've ever seen and I've tried everything!

j. k.

I would love to try the Black rose infusion cream. I tried the mask and it was hydrating and it lasted for the whole day! my face was glowing and it's not too heavy and perfect for my combination skin.

A. D.

I treat my face to the Black Rose Precious Face Oil after shaving and my skin is soft and radiant. Love this product.

T. S.

I like the black rose cream mask because you can layer serum, oil, and moisturizer over it and it doesn't pill up. Though I guess it does depend if your other products have silicone in them.

M. G.

it soothes my skin and gives it glow

2922 S. B.

The feel of the cream and the scent. Melts into face without pilling.

2922 S. B.

Smells good and feels nice

L. T.

I love anything that uses natural ingredients and makes my skin look radiant and plumped.

J. B.

My delicate skin appreciates the delicate nature of the Black Rose collection.

2922 L. M.

The smell of both the Black Rose Oil and mask is phenomenal, and the texture is absolutely lovely.

2922 S. B.

The feel of the cream and the scent. Melts into face without pilling.

L. C.

I love the Black Rose mask because it actually makes such a difference for mature skin!

S. R.

The black rose mask makes my skin flawlessly smooth.

2922 Y. H.

I like rose and everything made by rose. Both rose oil and mask is awesome. Love them a lot.

2923 R. K.

Love all things black rose this collection is amazing and worth the money leaves you skin plump and radiant you don't need the moisturizer or the foundation with it amazing product

T. H.

It's a prefect cream for dry skin. Help you skin to get radiance.

Y. R.

I just love anything with that rose smell!

2923 R. K.

It makes my skin super hydrated don't need a moisturizer or a foundation after that amazing product love Sisley and their collection and the black rose surely is worth it for the money

2922 A. D.

I would love to try this! Sounds like it smells divine!

N. T.

I love the black rose line! It has instant brightening effect on my face and I'm hooked :)

2922 Y. Z.

The best thing about the black rose collection is that they all Smell sooo good, Devine and natural rosy smell makes my skin care routine flowery and airy~

D. M.

I love the great smell and how soft and moisterized it leaves my skin.

J. K.

I love the scent and how hydrating it leaves my skin!

H. C.

I really like Black Rose oil. It is a life changer and works great for my combination skin!!!

E. K.

I've used the mask for some time now and I love it! Makes my skin feel soft, radiant, and makes me feel as if I've been lying in a bed of roses :)

2922 S. H.

Never tried any of the black rose collection but heard they are so amazing. Plus i love everything roses so im positive it smells wonderful and leaves your skin rejuvenating . I definitely want to try them.

2922 S. I.

Both the Black Rose oil and the mask are absolutely amazing! They plump and smooth the skin better than anything I've ever tried and they smell fantastic. I'm sure the new cream will be outstanding as well.

2923 T. M.

I use the black rose mask several times a week in the morning while I meditate. It leaves my skin plumped and radiant and ready for makeup application. The oil is excellent for massage and I use this on clients during treatments.

2922 Z. I.

love both the Black Rose Precious Oil so much! First of all the smell of it is amazing as is the texture. But of course the best thing about is the immediate results. It plumps my dry, overworked skin and leave it hydrated and refreshed. And I love that It is totally natural and free from harmful substances. Love this brand

2923 M. S.

I love the touch and texture of the Black Rose. I feel glow when I use.

2924 H. S.

The Black Rose mask is hydrating during the dry winter months, yet does not clog pores. Also the Black Rose Oil is my best traveling companion! Great for long airplane trips. The Blackness Rose line is one of the best skincare lines I have tried.

2923 L. P.

Sisley is simply the best and Black Rose Oil is superb on my super dry skin! Thanks!

2922 R. S.

The Sisley Black Rose Mask is BOMB, I love how supple it leaves my skin I swear it makes it look like I have baby skin!

2923 Q. S.

I love the Sisley Black Rose mask! It hydrates and plumps my skin! I often use it as an overnight mask for extra softness!

2923 Q. S.

I always use the Sisley Black Rose Mask the night before a big event. It gives my skin the extra umph it needs the next day by hydrating and plumping it up. I love this mask and it's well worth the price tag!

2922 L. Q.

My skin is so dry and I'm always looking for something to hydrate, lift, and rejuvenate my skin!

2922 L. Q.

My skin is so dry and I'm always looking for something to hydrate, lift, and rejuvenate my skin!

2922 P. T.

I would LOVE to try the NEW Black Rose Infusion Cream. I am already hook on you Black Rose Precious Facial Oil. It literally erases the lines from my face, even the deep lines like my "frown" line.

2922 P. T.

I LOVE the Sisley Black Rose Precious Face Oil. I swear by it because it literally erases lines from my face. Even my "frown" line. I recommend this to everyone.

2924 M. Q.

I love the black rose mask so much. As a man I tend to be very lax with my skincare - but whenever I pamper myself I ALWAYS include all my Sisley favs and my skin beams!

2924 M. Q.

I love the black rose mask so much. As a man I tend to be very lax with my skincare - but whenever I pamper myself I ALWAYS include all my Sisley favs and my skin beams!

2922 T. M.

Sisley Black Rose Oil is incredible! At 58 years old my skin not only needs this ,but craves it. The glow it gives my skin makes me smile at myself in the mirror. The Black Rose Mask is my go to mask for real hydration. Not to mention the smell is intoxicating. I hope you always sell this line of products and that I can continue to afford them!

2922 A. C.

So amazing smelling and hydrates my skin like nothing else!

2923 C. T.

So high quality and I feel good about the ingredients going on my skin.

2923 C. T.

So high quality and I feel good about the ingredients going on my skin.

2923 F. K.

Leaves my skin feeling so soft and hydrated! Love!

J. P.

Anything from Sisley is great, but the Black Rose collection has that extra elegance and beautiful scent and consistency.

2923 H. K.

The Sisley Black Rose Mask awakens my skin in the morning, making it feel plump, bright, and youthful. I especially love using it before a night out. Anytime I need a pick me up, I can always count on the Sisley Black Rose Mask!

E. L.

This is SUPER expensive but I can not live without this cream. I first used this after a peeling and Plasma treatment and just continued due to the way this healed the redness & peeling I experienced after the laser. I've been using this for 1 years now and the only time I am without it is when I am tight on funds. I really notice the difference!
I highly recommend it.

2922 D. R.

I love both the Black Rose Precious Oil and the Black Rose Cream Mask so much! First of all the smell of both is amazing as is the texture. But of course the best thing about both of them is the immediate results. They instantly plump my tired, dry, overworked skin and leave it hydrated and refreshed. And I love that they are both totally natural and free from harmful substances.

2922 N. M.

I love anything rose related

2922 M. S.

My love affair with facial oils started with Sisley's Black Rose Oil. It helped with my redness overall. My skin feels so plumped and radiant when i use this under my moisturisers (all Sisley but one). I'm on my 4th bottle and still loving it. The mask is another thing that i love about the collection. It's great for travel on long haul flights and express fix-me when i have had a tiring evening. I keep a tube in my gym bag, work bag for emergencies

G. B.

The Black Rose Collection is a great line of products that really work well for me. Love it

2923 H. K.

Love black rose mask. Within 10-15 minutes, I can see dramatic change on my face. My skin is not thirsty anymore after the black rose mask. Also I love that fact I do not have to wash my face in the sink after the mask.

2923 A. L.

I love how my skin looks so refreshed, hydrated, and radiant the morning after I use this mask! It's absolutely my favorite mask! I can't wait for the new product!

2923 A. L.

I love how my skin looks so refreshed, hydrated, and radiant the morning after I use this mask! It's absolutely my favorite mask! I can't wait for the new product!

2923 A. L.

I love how my skin looks so refreshed, hydrated, and radiant the morning after I use this mask! It's absolutely my favorite mask! I can't wait for the new product!

2923 H. K.

Love black rose mask. Within 10-15 minutes, I can see dramatic change on my face. My skin is not thirsty anymore after the black rose mask. Also I love that fact I do not have to wash my face in the sink after the mask.

2922 L. B.

Black rose mask is amazing! After using it my skin is soft and hydrated, feels fresh and healthy. Love it

B. P.

I love it's anti-aging perks!

K. K.

The Black Rose is an awesome skin line!! Plus I love Sisley Paris!!

2923 D. L.

LOVE my black rose mask! Especially when I travel via air travel. So refreshing! Can't wait to try the new product.

G. B.

I would love to try the black rose collection as I know all of your products are great, as this one must be also.

A. P.

I never travel without my Black Rose Mask. My skin gets so dehydrated and dry in the plane that applying a bit of this mask makes a world of difference. My little first class moment.