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The Signature Regenerating Ritual: complete hair care by Hair Rituel

Every big beauty brand has its own DNA… For Sisley as for Hair Rituel by Sisley, phytocosmetology makes up this genetic code. A brand at the cutting edge of hair care, Hair Ritual distinguishes its range with an expert treatment… Discover the Signature Regenerating Ritual.

The Signature Regenerating Ritual is a complete treatment whose benefits are brought to you by a shiatsu-inspired massage gesture, coupled with the use of Hair Rituel products. The 60 minute ritual serves to tone the scalp, and nourish and repair the capillary fibres. We explain the steps to this salon hair treatment that guarantees an intense moment of relaxation.

Presentation of the treatment

The myth: “Leaving your hair in the hands of an expert is exciting, but stressful at the same time.” This is not at all the case here. Our goal is to take care of your hair, not to achieve some sort of radical style transformation. It is a time to relax, trust and listen to an expert. During the first 10 minutes, indulge and discover what waits for you in the next 50 minutes.
Your Hair Ritual expert wants to know everything: how you treat your hair, what you dream about for your hair… it’s your moment to tell all! Next, your specialist will present you with the ritual, the range and the olfactory universe which characterize it. Take a moment to explore Hair Rituel’s aromatic universe, and discover the fragrance of Precious Hair Care Oil.
To conclude the protocol, your expert will exert pressure points on the scalp by targeting the shiatsu zones. A Japanese massage technique, shiatsu is renowned for its stress-relieving properties and relaxing effects. Integrated into the ritual, it makes for a unique and relaxing experience that goes above and beyond scalp fortification and fibre repair.

Extending the ritual to the sink

Before proceeding to the shampoo ritual, your hair, wrapped in a towel, will be placed under a hot steam bath for 5 minutes in the traditional style of the Japanese baths. This step is crucial as it facilitates the opening of the pores and the hair cuticle so they can optimally receive the benefits of the treatment.
Over the next 15 minutes, the expert applies Hair Ritual Revitalizing Volumizing Shampoo with an energising massage. This dynamic massage serves to soften the scalp, while returning to the different acupuncture pressure points that were worked on earlier.
Your revitalised hair is finally ready to welcome the benefits of the Regenerating Hair Care Mask. Applied evenly to the scalp and hair, it immediately reinforces the capillary fiber. Throughout its application time, the expert proceeds with a meticulous massage, starting from the nape of the neck and going up to the top of the head. He then massages the scalp with enveloping gestures and shiatsu techniques to complete the 20 minutes of profound regeneration.

A Beautiful Ending

Back in front of the mirror, he will introduce you to the Revitalizing Fortifying Serum. This invigorating serum stimulates the scalp while slowing down hair loss, making hair stronger and denser. The toning massage gesture that accompanies the application of the serum promotes hair vitality.
Next, your hair expert will offer you a last moment of relaxation. The neck and shoulders will be deeply massaged… forget everything, breathe deeply and let yourself go!
Finally, wake yourself up gently for the final touch! A few drops of the Precious Hair Care Oil to leave your hair luminous, and the blow-dry of your choice!

The Result

After these 60 minutes, you will feel rested and relaxed, and your hair will feel it, too. Stronger, shinier and softer, your hair will thank you!

Where is it, where is it?!

At Seguier Salon, 4 square Rapp, 75007 Paris. 150 EU for 60 minutes followed by a blow-dry.

The products used

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