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Let’s admit it. While we are sitting at our work desks, our minds are half way around the globe planning the next vacation destination or an upcoming weekend getaway. As we look forward to scooting across the world, not all of us would nod our heads to packing with the same eagerness. Let us take the fuss out with the below suggestions to ensure your skin is hydrated, radiant and full of life all throughout your flight and vacation!

Pre flight

Pack a few slices of lemon in an empty water bottle. Fill it up on board so that you can always have a refreshing drink on hand. Your neighbours will be jealous!

Avoid wearing leather or tight clothing on board the flight to reduce the restriction of blood flow.

A common hack of packing light is to stock up a couple of skincare samples/travel sizes to use as your daily skincare routine. When choosing which skincare products to pack, take into consideration different climates and environments that may cause your skin to react differently to when you are at home.

Mid flight

Due to the low humidity in cabins, your skin dries out quicker. Bring on board a facial mask which will provide your skin with the much-needed boost of moisture. A no rinse 3 minute express mask like Sisley Express Flower Gel mask breathes life into dehydrated or tired-looking skin (because you spent the night before packing and coordinating your outfits!) for fresher and more supple skin. The mask is barely visible so you do not have to worry about stares from your fellow passengers!

To combat the dry air, invest in a multi-purpose moisturiser like Sisley Ecological Compound that provides all the elements needed for skin balance. This best seller helps to regulate, balance and protect your skin acting like a multivitamin to increase your skin defenses up in the air.

They say a woman’s hands tell her age. We say add the lips to that list! Sisleya Global Anti-Age Hand Care and Confort Extreme Nutritive Lip Balm ensure your hands and lips stay cocooned in a nourishing and light weight veil. Use a spare contact lens casing, dispense them into the container and bring it on board to save space!

Pre Arrival

Start the vacation right and be prepared for any instagrammable moments. Applying Phyto-Cernes Eclat under the eye to help conceal dark circles and Phyto-Blanc Brightening Cushion Foundation to mask any imperfections and to ensure your skin is radiant, glowing and camera-ready!

Prepare for landing by spritzing Eau Florale Spray Mist to refresh and revitalize the skin in seconds. Apply Eye Contour Mask to diminish any signs of fatigue, fine lines and puffiness so the entire eye contour area is smoothed.

Pre-arrival is the best time to apply a dash of citrusy sparkling scent to awaken your senses. Choose Eau De Campagne for its burst of verdant breeze, Eau De Sisley 1 to take on a sunny and bright disposition or Eau De Sisley 2 for a light, sheer and delicate scent.

Now you are Jet Set and Ready to Go!

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